HiPPO Golf was formed at the end of 1991 with the first products coming to market early in 1992.

Originally formed as the technical R&D arm of the existing golf company of Howson Sports. The founders were predominantly existing golf industry professionals with many years of experience behind them. Shortly after it was decided that the clubs would now adopt the new brand HiPPO.

The company grew exponentially in a crazy 5 year period with expansion worldwide and a turnover in excess of 20m.

The growth coupled with the quality of the products accounted for the introduction of Tour players including Ian Woosnam and John Daly to mention a couple. The number of tour professionals on the staff was in excess of 24 making the company one of the bigger sponsors and most recognisable brands at the time.

Our goal was to allow players of all types and abilities continue and to start golf with the great quality, great price, great service ethos… and so it was… Today internet searches put Hippo in the top 10 of golf industry memorable products along with the likes of Callaway, Oddesey, Taylor Made and Ping.



Today the brand is family owned by one of those early staff members who in their heart could never let go of the philosophy set out all those years ago. We continue now to offer the very best in quality of products competing with the industry best on quality offering much greater value for money. We don’t spend millions on marketing to convince you to buy our products, we spend on continued research and development to keep bringing you the what we believe are quite possible the best clubs in the world.

We source our products from the same locations and through our ongoing development innovate using the latest materials and construction techniques. The components are then assembled by hand in our own facility in the Heart of Sussex in the UK custom built just for you.